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  • BMES Biomaterials Demo in the Kumar Lab

    On Wednesday, November 1st, Prof. Kumar presented the lab’s research in biomaterials to the BMES chapter at NJIT. Afterward, he provided an engaging lab tour that fostered enthusiasm and discussion about the exciting research happening in the lab.Read More »
  • Kumar Lab is recruiting a graduate student!

    Students who have their own funding, have completed a Master’s and/or have a relevant degree in Biomedical/Chemical Engineering will receive added consideration. All interested students are requested to take a look at the ad and email Prof. Kumar with anyRead More »
  • Prof. Kumar Presents at Rutgers on Self-assembled Peptide Drugs and Biomaterials

    Prof. Kumar presented at Rutgers on October 23rd, 2017 at Rutgers discussing peptides, how they self-assemble into hydrogels, and how they are incorporated with biological mimics, such as angiogenic and dentinogenic domains.Read More »
  • Vascular Show and Tell!

    “Vascular Show and Tell,” a collaboration with the Chief of Vascular Surgery, Michael Curi, MD, at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Principal Investigator of the KumarLab @ NJIT, Prof. Vivek Kumar. From NJIT undergraduates in BME, CBPE,Read More »

About York Center

The Life Sciences and Engineering Building (LSEB) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) offers highly interdisciplinary research programs and initiatives to boost research and education at NJIT. Today it has diversified into many other areas with research projects in

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