Recent News

  • Dentinogenic peptides

    The KumarLab has developed a novel set of peptides that aid in proliferation of dental pulp stem cells, published by Nguyen et al in ACS Omega. Hopefully we can regenerate living vital tissue within the dental pulp instead of theRead More »
  • Writing with embryonic stem cells

    The KumarLab has developed a novel technique to deliver defined matri-cellular architectures using self-assembling peptide hydrogels. We wrote NJIT with mouse ESC stained red – check out our work in the Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology by Nguyen et al.Read More »
  • KumarLab presents at SFB

    Both post-docs in the KumarLab made excellent poster presentations at the Society for Biomaterials Conference in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Peter Nguyen’s poster won 1st place in the Cardiovascular Biomaterials Special Interest Group! Poster Presentations _ SFB 2018 copy   ProangiogenicRead More »
  • First 3D print

    Dissolving sacrificial mold to get the final CT-3D print for surgical planning!!Read More »

About York Center

The Life Sciences and Engineering Building (LSEB) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) offers highly interdisciplinary research programs and initiatives to boost research and education at NJIT. Today it has diversified into many other areas with research projects in

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